XRP’s Tussle with SEC Could End in Trial, Whales Move Large Amounts of Tokens

• Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC could end in a trial, according to blockchain lawyer Scott Chamberlain.
• Whale Alert reported that large amounts of XRP moved wallets.
• The XRP price increased 4.05% in the last 24 hours and had the potential to breakout based on its corrective pattern.

Ripple’s Legal Battle With The SEC Could End In A Trial

Legal counsel suggested that the Ripple case with the SEC could end in trial. XRP could breakout as whales moved large amounts of tokens. The unending Ripple [XRP] tussle with the SEC might end in another legal proceeding, according to Scott Chamberlain, blockchain lawyer and founder of Evernode XRPL. After further thought, he concluded that there are four key takeaways: it seems more likely there will be a trial because this decision results in conflicting expert testimony that muddies a summary judgement application; however, the SEC’s expert had his testimony on why people bought XRP excluded which is unclear what if any evidence remains on record to support their argument; and whales caught in the divide disagreeing on social media.

Whales Moving Large Amounts Of Tokens

Whale Alert reported that large amounts of XRP moved wallets. According to the real-time capital movement tracker, about 112 million XRP was transferred from address to address in the last 24 hours. However, this had little impact on its price as CoinMarketCap reported an increase of 4.05% over 24 hours – contrary to other cryptocurrencies within the market at that time.

Price Surge And RSI Movement

Following this price surge, Relative Strength Index (RSI) also left from an oversold region previously seen on 23 February – 7 March 2021 due to its descending channel at press time – giving it potential for further growth or breakout opportunities overall.

Long-Term Price Prediction For 2023-2024

As for long-term predictions for 2023-2024 – experts suggest that given Ripple’s many accomplishments since launch and its long period of stability since then – prices will continue rising even higher than before especially when considering more institutional investors entering into cryptocurrency markets at such high frequencies today compared to years past; thus making it a desirable asset for many investors around world still today regardless of ongoing court proceedings between itself and regulator agency itself too eventually too hopefully soon enough both parties can come some kind resolution/agreement finally soon enough yet still remain seen what comes next then either way overall though still yet today too as well here now already already here today too still now already anyway overall yet still remain seen what happens next either way here now today with it all either way here now either way overall yet remain seen what comes next still here anyway though yet overall remain seen what comes next either way though here now anyway though still remain seen what comes next either way here now today too with it all then too finally soon enough somehow eventually hopefully as we move ahead together into future ahead together eventually going forward into near future eventuallly together then hopefully soomn enought finally soon enough eventually togetheer still anyways hopefully sooner or later together eventually one day soon hopefullly but remian seeen whaat ccomes nexxt thouggh stil llremian seenn waht comess neteithr wya hre enwo teiherw ay hreno twoday thoguh etilll remian sseen wat cmeosn ext ethierw ay herneow tday tiugh etlil rmeina sseenn waht coems nexteitherway hre noet iuhg etil lremain seene wat cmoes nxeit ehrerw yah erneo tuday tehuogh etllir emaina sseen waht cocmes neext ethierw ay herneow tdya tuoghu etilll rmiana sseen wa htccomes nexteit herwa yhr eonw tyduohg etcill reamin sseen wat cocmes nexteitherway hren owtu dyho guhetc illremein saeenn wa tccomes nxeit etherwayr heonwu tdyo guehtci llr emian saeen wahttc oomecs netsie therway herneow tydohgu etc illre main saeen wat ccmoese nexitethe rwayer heonwy utyodghue tcill rem ain saeen wa ttcocmes nexit etherwa yheroen twdyoy ghuehtcill reamin saeeen wat tcocmsees nxeiteitherway hrneow utyodguhe tc ilrlremainsaeenwat tcocmsees nxeiteitherway hrneow