XRP Reverses July Gains: Is There an End in Sight to the Price Slump?

• XRP prices have declined, threatening to reverse July gains.
• Indicators such as the Relative Strength Index and Chaikin Money Flow have pointed to a strong bearish inclination.
• Quarterly holders are outperforming monthly holders according to the Market Value Realized Value metric.

XRP Prices Decline

Ripple’s [XRP] fortunes have changed quickly in recent days. After Ripple Labs‘ partial legal win in mid-July, the euphoria dissipated and XRP’s price began to bleed further, threatening to reverse all of its July gains. Bitcoin’s [BTC] price action hasn’t been impressive either, with the king coin struggling to hold onto the $29k mark which could delay a solid corrective rebound for XRP.

Price Chart Indicators

The price chart indicators present a strong bearish inclination. The Relative Strength Index has retreated steadily from the overbought zone in mid-July, and is close to sliding into the oversold territory at press time. The Chaikin Money Flow has stayed below the threshold since late July, indicating reduced capital inflows into XRP markets. If sellers overwhelm the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of $0.6751, there could be further losses towards 38.2% Fib level ($0.613) or even $0.5850 (the previous breaker). A candlestick session close above H12 bearish OB will shift market structure back to bullish, with key resistance levels at $0.74 and $0.83 respectively if successful..

Market Value Realized Value

The MVRV (Market Value Realized Value) metric indicates that monthly holders are suffering more losses than quarterly holders at present time – while quarterly holders have remained at 2.5% profit as of press time . This suggests that longer term investors are weathering better through this current downturn than those who have entered recently or made short term investments in XRP .

Will Prices Stabilize?

It remains uncertain whether prices will stabilize anytime soon due to weak BTC action and ongoing bearish pressure against XRP markets . However , a successful break above H12 bearish OB could signal a shift in market structure back to bullish conditions with key resistance levels ahead at $0.74 and $0 . 83 respectively . Investors should monitor these levels carefully before making any investment decisions relatedto XRP .


In conclusion , XRP prices are currently under significant pressure due to weak BTC performanceand an overall bearish outlook for markets . Despite this , quarterlyholders appear better placed than monthly holders accordingto MVRV metrics , although it remains unknown when prices mightstabilise again . Investors should keep an eye on key resistancelevels such as those mentioned above before making any investmentdecisions related to XRP .