Central Bank approves and Bitcoin is ‚integrated‘ with Pix with Z.Ro Bank and

Two companies working directly with Bitcoin are officially approved by the Central Bank to integrate the Pix system

Central Bank approves and BitQT is integrated with Pix with Z.Ro Bank and Atar

The Central Bank of Brazil released on Thursday (22) the list of all approved institutions for Pix, the instant payment system that should debut on November 15.

Among the approved institutions are two national companies that deal directly with Bitcoin and cryptomoedas, Atar and Z.Ro Bank.

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According to the Central Bank, the process of institutions joining Pix to offer the new service from its launch in November, ended on October 16, 2020, with the completion of the registration and homologation stages.

„Zro Bank has been investing a lot in the three main pillars of our Digital Bank: Exchange, Crypto and Digital Payments. PIX is extremely strategic for our project and is the ideal tool to allow the Brazilian to pay anything with crypto using the Zro Bank wallet and reading the QR Code of all the machines and all the market that from now on will be connected to PIX,“ said Edisio Pereira Neto, CEO of Z.Ro Bank.

In total, according to the Central Bank, 762 institutions were approved, including banks, financial institutions, fintechs, payment institutions, among others, which successfully completed all the necessary tests and are ready to offer Pix safely and in accordance with the requirements defined by the Central Bank.

„The number and diversity of institutions that are able to offer Pix reinforce the open and universal character of the payment arrangement, demonstrate the great competitiveness that Pix brings to the market, and demonstrate the strong commitment of the various agents for the adoption of Pix,“ declared the Central Bank.

One of the main companies in Brazil that offers payments and services with Bitcoins, Uzzo, told Cointelegraph that it should also offer the new BC service through a partnership.

„UZZO Pay will make Pix available to its clients still in 2020 through a partnership with a company integrated and approved by the Central Bank. I reiterate that we already have since 2019 a solution similar to PIX that we call instant transfer that allows the bank transfer of values 24 hours a day, every day of the week,“ says Thiago Lucena, CEO of UZZO Pay.

Pix is democratic

The Cointelegraph had already advanced that Pix would not „bar“ companies from the cryptoactive market.

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During the launch of Pix, Carlos Eduardo de Andrade Brandt Silva, BCB’s deputy head of unit, highlighted that „Interoperability, already accommodates all agents, from simple transfers, in the account to account model“ that the way exchanges operate in Brazil today.

„There will be no restrictions for entities not regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil, including exchanges of Bitcoin and cryptomoedas. Our initiative is to create better conditions for competition among financial services. Now all institutions that are regulated by the Bacen must follow the rules that are already established,“ he said at the time.

But with the approval of Z.Ro Bank and Atar, besides indirect participants of Pix, Bitcoin and cryptomoedas, they are integrated „within“ the system with two participants approved by the Central Bank.

Bitcoin is a brilliant system,‘ says the ‚creator‘ of Real and former president of the Central Bank of Brazil.

Besides Atar and Z.Ro Bank, the company U4Crypto has also been approved to build blockchain solutions for payments.

The Central Bank also emphasized that the adhesion process of participating institutions to Pix will be reopened permanently as of December 1, 2020.

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